Tv Fandom

So no one told you life was gonna be this way?
Wondering if you know that there is only one war that matters and it is here.

Event Description

  • To fight the fastest man alive, you have to be willing to do the unthinkable.
  • Do you know that Friends don't lie and Everything...affects everything.
  • If you know about "kuckoo ka jadoo", then come out of your mind palace.
  • We like big brains and we cannot lie - we know YOUR big brain is full of the knowledge of your favourite TV shows!
  • If TV shows are your life, And you never get bored, Come and test your memory, How well they are stored.
  • First round

    It will be an objective type round with each participant getting 30 questions to answer. +10 for each correct answer and (-5) for each incorrect answer. The time limit for the round is 25 mins.

    Second round

    This will be a PPT based round for which details will be provided on the spot.

    Contact event head for more details

    • Prakriti Singh: 8423553224
    • Himani Vashisht: 78272 74832
    • Himank: 8826610870