Players have to use their knowledge regarding technical and aptitudesolving skills to be on top of the list among other players. There will be 3rounds of the game: Preliminaries, Mains and Finals.

Event Description

First round

It will be an elimination round in which all the players will participate. There will be 40 objective type questions assessing their technical and aptitude ability. The total time allocated for this round will be 10 minutes. Each question will be of 2 points. 0.5 points will be deducted for incorrect answers. Tiebreakers in Round 1 will be based on the time of submission. The top 8 teams from this round will proceed to Round 2.

Second round

This round is completely based on visualization. There will be 30 Questions related to logos, tag lines etc. The time allocated will be 15 minutes. 3 points will be awarded for correct answers and 1 point will be deducted for incorrect ones. In case of a tie in Round 2, a tie-breaker rapid-fire round will be held. 4 teams having maximum points will proceed to the third round i.e. Finals (Company Gleam).

Third round

Each Team will be given one company and they will be allotted 5 minutes to study about the given company. Any source including the internet can be used. After the given time, five questions will be asked on each company and each team will be given 30 seconds to answer the questions given to them. Each question carries 3 points. There will be no negative marking The winners will be chosen based on the highest points.

Rules for participation

  • No. of team members should not exceed 2.
  • Individual participation is allowed.
  • No external help is admissible
  • Participants will be briefed on the rules in detail during the event.
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    Contact event head for more details

    • Dishika: 8750318665