Tech Escapade

Tech Escapade is a Treasure hunt / Obstacle Course like event. Each player is a given a same beginning point in a puzzle like format and solving each puzzle leads to another puzzle and finally an end point where the event for that participant will end and their scores and time taken will be recorded.

Event Description

The event will be held in online mode and there will be no prelims-finals structure, just one path for the participants to follow. In due course of event, the difficulty level of puzzles will keep increasing and since the event is time based, the winners will be decided on the basis of time taken by them to complete the whole event.

Prize Distribution

As of now, the winners will be decided by the time they take to complete the event and reach the end point. There will be two winners:
  1. Winner - ₹2500
  2. 1st Runner Up - ₹1500

Contact event head for more details

  • Annie Bhalla : 9971912415