Social Hunt

Are you adventurous?
If yes then this is the time we embark on a treasure hunt mate. TM presents “Social Hunt” a treasure hunt that will test your knowledge on the far faring sea of Tech knowledge, a journey that will have you enthralled and spirits high. From finding the treasure to ending up at a dead-end, the one who finds the treasure first takes it all.

Event Description

Duration of event: 1 hour
Participation: Solo


The Social Hunt will take place on your favourite social platform “Instagram” where our team has set up a virtual Treasure Map.
All participants start off at the same node where they’ll have to answer tricky questions to move on to the next node on the Map. The objective is to reach the final node which holds the key to the treasure chest. As said before the winner takes it all. Yes, you guessed it right, the virtual map is a graph, in which each node represents an Instagram account. In order to reach the next node, you must acquire an address for the same, the address is the name of the next Instagram account which you must figure out from the question/riddle in the preceding node.

Prize Distribution

Awards and Acknowledgements(TBA)
Further details about the competition will be disclosed once you register.

Contact event head for more details

  • Rahul Jangra: 9518015621