Application used for the tournament will be LUDO KING.Player must have a suitable internet connection to play thegame.

Event Description

It’s involves racing around the board with four players.Every player starts from their own “yard” and has four piecesto play with. Each yard and their respective pieces are markedby different colours, predominantly – red, green, yellow andblue. The goal of the game is to move the pieces clockwisearound the board and reach the “home” triangles.

There Will be 3 Rounds
Prelims, Semi-Finals, Finals

  • Rounds will be of knockout manner. There will be scheduled matches ofteams.
  • Each team will consist of four players. Winner from each team will qualify forthe second round i.e. SEMI-FINALS.
  • In SEMI-FINALS qualified participants will play in team of four and winnerfrom each team will qualify for our FINALS.
  • Similar process is going to be followed for round 3 and the one who winsthe last round is the final winner.
  • Rules

  • Participants are required to be online 10 mins before their scheduled matches.
  • If a participant is caught cheating, he/she will be directly disqualified rewarding Opponent the win
  • Emulators are not allowed.
  • Register

    Contact event head for more details

    • Mahima: 9560406213