PES 2021

Application used for the tournament will be eFootballPES 2021 (KONAMI) . Player must have a suitableinternet connection to play the game.

Event Description

  • The pes 21 strives to emulate real football. As such,gameplay simulates a typical game of associationfootball, with the player controlling either an entireteam or a selected player; objectives coincide with therules of association football. Various game modes havebeen featured in the series, allowing for gameplayvariety, including the Kick Off, Online and Offlinemodes.
  • ➢Although only 1v1 full match will be going to heldbetween the player followed by penalties if no winneris decided till the full course of match. There will be single knockout matches , only finals willbe a best of 3.
  • Rules

  • No emulators are not allowed , if found using one will be disqualified.
  • If a participant is found using cheats or hacks he/she will be disqualified without any excuse.
  • Players are required to be online 10 mins prior before the match.
  • If no player is shown or is late , will be disqualified and other will be given a BYE(advanced to next level)
  • otal team strength should not exceed more than 3800 (IMPORTANT)
  • No more than 5 gold player cards are allowed in whole lineup INCLUDING SUBSITUTES.(IMPORTANT)
  • Not a single card higher than gold is allowed like(legendary)
  • Matches will be of default duration followed by penalties if ended in tie.
  • Register

    Contact event head for more details

    • Ansh: 7303638798