Players may participate in Events only on mobile phone handheld devices running the Android or the iOS operating systems. Players may not use peripheral devices of any kind without approval of Tournament Officials (including adapters, controllers, Bluetooth keyboards, and mice). Players may not use an emulator to play on a PC or other device that is not a handheld device.

Event Description


Each Team Member must agree to these General Rules and the applicable Competition-Specific Rules to participate in any Tournament. A Team Member may accept these General Rules or the applicable Competition-Specific Rules by registering to participate in an Official Competition in accordance with the Registration Requirements or by participating in any Tournament.


  • Player’s age: To be eligible to participate in a Tournament as a player, an individual must have reached 13 years of age or older (i.e., the player has lived for at least 13 calendar years) as of the Tournament start date. If a player is 13 years of age or older but under the age of majority in his or her country of residence before the start of the Tournament, he or she may still compete in the Tournament if (1) he or she meets the other eligibility criteria in these General Rules and the applicable Competition Specific Rules, and (2) a parent or legal guardian accepts these General Rules and the applicable Competition-Specific Rules on behalf of the player, and consents to the player’s participation in the Tournament using a parental consent form provided by the Tournament Organizer.
  • Ranking Requirement: All players on a Team’s roster must have held a ranking for BGMI of “Platinum” or above, in any mode (TPP or FPP),with min level 30 at the time of registration for any Official Competition.
  • Multiple Teams: Players may not play for or contract with more than one Team at a time. If a player enters such an arrangement or contract, Tournament Officials reserve the right to bar the player from playing any future matches until the situation has been resolved and the player is in compliance with the requirements in this Section.
  • Regional Requirements: To maintain the regional identity of teams that compete in a global competition and to encourage the type of regional identification that is important to fans and sponsors, each Team must maintain, at all times during any Official Competition.
  • Team’s Region: A Team’s home Region is identified by the Team Captain at the time of registration and may not be changed at any time during an Official Competition without the prior written approval of the Tournament Officials.
  • Player’s Name

    A player’s gamer tag or in-game nickname (“Gamer Tag”) must consist of the player’s Team name (or acronym or other word representative of the Team name) and player name in the format of “TEAMNAMEPLAYERNAME”. Gamer Tags will be selected at the time of registration and may not be changed at any time during a Season without the prior written approval of the Tournament Officials. A Gamer Tag may not include any word or phrase in any language that is offensive, toxic, or hurtful. A Gamer Tag may not include all or part of a corporate name or make use of the trademarks or other intellectual property of Proxima, BGMI or any third party without the prior written approval of the Tournament Organizer.

    Rules and Mode of Conduct

  • Emulator / hackers are not allowed.
  • If you have been killed by hacker then record death replay. After seeing the recording only action shall be taken.
  • No abusive language will be tolerated neither with the management nor with the any other team player.
  • Team ups are strictly prohibited. If found your team will be banned from all upcoming events and scrims.
  • We will give ban for not attending customs after doing registration of their squad.
  • Cancellation of slot will only be accepted if you cancel within 1 hour of registration.
  • Do not sit in others slot otherwise it will result in kick from the room.
  • Join on time, match will start on exact time.
  • Using others tag for registration will result in disqualification.
  • Do not share, room id & password with any other unregistered player. If we find you are sharing id & pass with someone your team will get disqualified from the tournament.
  • As we all know, BGMI has many glitches, so we request you not to exploit any glitches. If any team is found exploiting any kind of bugs or glitches, they will be disqualified from that match.
  • Registration

    All players must comply with the Registration Requirements to be eligible to compete in any Tournament.

    Tournament Related Events

    Each player agrees to participate in media interviews, streaming sessions, sponsor events, chats and other media events that Proxima or the Tournament Organizer organize in connection with the marketing and promotion of the Official Competition, Tournament and/or BGMI (“Media Events”), provided that these Media Events do not unduly interfere with a player’s game preparation or participation. The reasonable and pre-approved expenses incurred by a player in travel to and from a Media Event will be borne by the Tournament Organizer or Proxima. The Tournament Organizer shall have the right to sanction or disqualify any player or Team that fails to attend and participate fully in any scheduled Media Event.

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    Contact event head for more details

    • Sushant Kumar : 8447990060