Battle Of Bytes

Players have to use their coding skills to solve the various problems provided in given languages as fast as possible to win the rounds. There will be two rounds prelims and main, their description is given below.
Tools of languages C++, Java, C, Python, JavaScript

Event Description

First round

Round 1 is a concept based round containing Multiple Choice and predict the output Questions from various domains of mentioned Languages.
30 minutes will be provided to answer 30 questions with single or multiple correct choices or prediction of output. Questions are based on Java, JavaScript, C++, Python and C .
Top 35%(or can be changed on the number of participants) participants with maximum score will be qualified for the final round.

Second round

Round 2 is a (60 minutes + 25 minutes) debugging and coding round in languages java, c and c++

Prize Distribution

Top 3 will get the prices.

Contact event head for more details

  • Gaurav Kumar: 9711643948
  • Umesh Sugara: 9761401674
  • Falendra Dewangan: 7999634451