The task of the player is to brainstorm,may use google or any other search engine and workout theanswer. Example of

Event Description

  • 50 questions, each has only one correct answer.
  • 3 hints for each question unlockingafter5,10 and 10 triesrespectively.
  • Questions are basically a pic depicting some info or simple pics ofsomething, which in someway Relate to a proper noun
  • Example Of Question

  • After 5 incorrect tries : hint 1 : I can't tweet
  • After 10 incorrect tries: hint 2
  • After 10 more incorrect tries (i.e 20 total tries): hint 3
  • Scoring System

  • Correct Answer in the first 5 tries i.e. without any hints: 50 points
  • Correct Answer when one hint is revealed: 30 pts
  • Correct Answer when 2 hints are revealed: 20 pts
  • Correct answer when all 3 hints are revealed: 10 pts
  • Player has Unlimited no. Of tries.
  • Winning Criteria

  • We sum up the scores the player gets at each question he answers.
  • We maintain a leaderboard which will be available to the players in the side bar at the portal.
  • At the end of the day the top 3 team/person in the scoreboard will be the winners
  • In case of draw

    In this scenario, the one who achieved the score first will be considered the winner . Since the player/team who achieved the score first would already be up in the leaderboard, therefore in all cases the top three players/teams in the leaderboard at theend of the day will be the final winners.

    Contact event head for more details

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