Players have to use their general reasoning and problem solving skills in order to proclaim themselves as the winner of this game. There will be two rounds of the game: Prelims and Mains.

Event Description

First round

The player will be given 30 objective type questions to answer in 25 minutes. Questions will be based on basic to advanced algorithmic concepts. Each question is of 4 marks and 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer. Participants can attempt this round on the portal.

Second round

This round will be based on deducing an algorithm for a set of 4 problems based on a given storyline. Each question has different weightage and the total marks will be 50. There will be no negative marking. The time allocated for this round is 1 hour 45 minutes. The solution need not be fully code, but the approach should be detailed and step based.


Only an individual can participate in the event. No teams of two or more people are allowed to participate. Individuals going to the main round would be decided on the basis of cutoff generated in the prelims round.


Marking would be done on the basis of optimality, feasibility, space and time complexity of the solution. In case of a tie, the winner would be decided on the basis of marks in prelims. Platform would be decided later and notified then.

Contact event head for more details

  • Shivam : 8800375216